Software Development and Outsourcing

G-System Group is part of Info Data Center with a clear focus on quality, delivered in time and cost-effective software development. Our experience in providing software development, opportunities for project management and standards motivate us to develop solutions that will boost your business. Our global software model delivers maximum targeted results.

G-System is an association of independent developers, founded by professionals who have been working in projects for companies such as Microsoft ®, IBM, Novell etc. The experience and the knowledge of the technical team makes it capable of providing quality technical services in the development of patent clear software from a new generation.

G-System Group consists of developers, designers and experts from around the world. They have extensive experience in planning, implementation and management of high-tech projects. Over the years, we managed to create a fusion of people, processes and technologies that allow us to achieve the best results. The difficulties we meat, made us better and today we proudly say that we are leaders in many IT areas.

The specialists working in G-System Group, are exceptional in many ways. This is a cohesive group of friends, as they put their highest goal, to be the best in everything they do. Their main priorities are quality, in time completion of tasks and striving for continuous improvement. We never forget that everything we have achieved is due to those that we work with, their skills and the sense of responsibility.

Our goals

  • To help for the most effective deployment of advanced IT technologies;
  • To offer the best terms and options to our customers (open source, commercial, hybrid technology, peopleware, virtualization technology etc.);
  • To build solutions for rapid return on investment (ROI);
  • To ensure the best possible and effective training to our customers;
  • To gain the full confidence of our partners;