Why us?

Our Corporate Vision

In a world of rapidly evolving technologies, Info Data Center relies on the specialization of its engineers and the cooperation with other companies working in the field of information technology. The main objective of the team is achieving results which will maximum satisfy the end customer.

Info Data Center is a dynamic company, where professionals and people with long experience work together. We are geared towards providing complete solutions instead of partial sales. We are clearly aware that the various challenges and cost decisions are variables that each organization wants to reduce. In this respect, the experience and the specialization of our staff are crucial for the redefinition of the corporate investment policies.

Our Mission

To keep our leading positions in the field of high-tech solutions, we continually analyze new ideas and suggestions. This helps us respond to any challenge put in front of us by current and future clients. We managed to combine experience with innovative approaches, and all of them are conducted in full accordance with the high requirements, so we can offer quality products and services. Steady growth of Info Data Center and G-System Group is due to years of building trust based on our exclusive fairness and consistency in the interests of our customers. We strive to motivate our staff, so they can give all for the performing of the tasks.

Our Goals

Our goal is to create long-term partnership with each customer. In pursuance of the objective, in the recent years we built a network, allowing us to react immediately to any question and ensure quality maintenance. Within the company we have built a friendly environment with a high degree of transparency. Thus each member of the team feels emotionally tied to solving the problems we face every day.

Our Values

We appreciate not only the interaction between us and our customers. We highly appreciate the activities of each person of our staff. We believe that understanding allow us to overcome difficulties easier and to achieve high performance, enhancing competitiveness, that we create.

Our Marketing model

During the years of development and improvement of services, in the desire to offer the technology of tomorrow, our teams have gained invaluable expertise that is unmatched on the market. The company not only offers software as a service, so-called SaaS model, but the next level of business decisions. In other words – SaaS 2.0 (Solution as a Service). In that way we rely on the individual approach to the client with a vision for long-term partnership and mutual interest.