Nothing compares with the benefits that the virtualization gives you.

It generally can be defined as technology that provides a layer of abstraction between hardware and software components in one system.

How does the virtualization work?

Virtualization uses both software and hardware elements to create high-technology solutions that enable maximum protection and high mobility of your data array.

The solution based on virtualization provide IT managers with logical view of the computing resources and enable IT professionals to maximize these resources, “convincing” operating systems that a group of independent hardware servers are actually a single machine. At the same time, the virtualization enables multiple independent operating systems to operate at the same time on one machine.

The idea of the virtualization is dividing a physical server to multiple virtual ones. Each virtual server can be used independently from the other, with different operating system and applications.

This was the main idea in the project that we developed – establishing the first and fully virtual data center using set of the best virtual technologies.

The project was completed in early 2009 and provides fully virtual server environment.