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WebTop 2.0 is a new trend in the virtualization of information technology. It allows the use of your own virtual PC, which ensure both the protection of information with which you work from multiple hazards within and outside the global network and the opportunity to work in real time on your own computer from anywhere in the world using all its available resources (database, software applications, peripherals, etc..) connecting through any physical computer or mobile device without risk to your environment.

In the meanwhile this pattern of work allows you to configure your computer with unlimited possibilities within your operating system to add memory, processors, disk space, software and other applications as well as the availability of any operating system or even several simultaneously.

It is also important to note that your Webtop 2.0 work 24/7/365 which removes many obstacles and problems, such as running a process to which takes place on the computer and then when close it and open it by other physical device and find that there are no data losses or process interruption.

This also applies in cases when there is a blackout, Internet connection loses or failure within power supply, processor, motherboard or any other physical devices you use while working with Webtop 2.0.

It is important to note another essential common threat to users’ computers – theft of physical device to be reselled or misuse of your information. In either case you will lose your data or even worse it will be used against you! Here the problems and complications resulting from this can be numerous and fatal. Webtop2.0 prevents such losses and damages.

It can be used in combination with software for tracking and finding the physical computer!

Webtop 2.0 is a virtual computing environment accessible via any computer or mobile device connected to Internet and supporting a standard web browser. You don’t need to install any separate application on the physical computer, used for a terminal. So you use any computer or mobile device without having to upload or download any applications were to endanger or complicate your working environment.

Webtop 2.0 provides the latest software applications, depending on the used operating system (Windows, etc.), even if your physical computer can not have enough resources for them. With this system based on virtualization you will optimize your costs for licenses, which you need for the office.

This technology is directed to the group of users using the computer for communication and work in the IT environment. It gives them full mobility and independence from the physical workstation, and full control over users and information without risk of data loss. It is fact that all the time you work in a secure (encrypted and / or encrypted) environment.

Through years of development and improvement of our services, in the desire to offer the technology of tomorrow, our team have gained invaluable expertise that is unique on many markets worldwide. We not just offering software as a service (SaaS).We offer the next level of business decisions – SaaS 2.0 or Solution as a Service. We rely on individual customer approach, with a vision for long-term partnership and mutual interest.