V-Office is a service targeted to both small and medium enterprises, as well as large corporations and organizations and it provides access to computer resources. The service significantly reduces business customers’ costs for setup, maintenance and management of IT infrastructure and optimizes an existing one. This gives users the freedom and time to concentrate on their core role and functions.

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The advantages of the V-Office service (“Business IT resources on demand (SaaS)”) to the business users are:

1.Monthly based consumer service that repeatedly can reduce IT costs for companies and facilitate their management.

One of the biggest challenges for companies and organizations is to reduce IT costs to a minimum. Computer costs is a large component of the capital investment, as well as the subsequent operating costs.
The initial investment for purchasing hardware usually represents only 20% – 25% of the total IT infrastructure. Servicing, maintenance and supplies are the hidden costs that always accompany consumers and the issues connected to hardware. Most companies and organizations, setup a budget for IT support, but an unexpected failure of a server can strongly influence accidentally cash flows.

  • V-Office provides easy and efficient management of IT costs, which includes the following advantages:
  • All software licenses are fixed in your monthly costs
  • Free software upgrades
  • Free technical support via telephone, e-mail, online
  • Users have access to the same computer no matter where you are – at home or at work
  • Extend the life of desktops and notebooks, which reduces the cost of renewal of the physical technology
  • Regular inspections and maintenance of server hardware is included by default in the service.
  • The archiving and backup of data is an integral part of V-Office.

2. Low (to zero) value of investment capital expenditure in the IT infrastructure

All V-Office Services are evaluated on a “per user / per month” bases. Payments are made month to month, at the beginning of the period.

For detailed prices and packages of the service and individual solutions please contact our sales team.

The price components which are required to build a complete and robust service are:

  • The configuration of the V-Office – the service modules are chosen by the user
  • Network connectivity – public or private
  • Client devices – so-called thin clients, mobile, stationary, etc.
  • Firewall – a secure and easily managed network

3. Access to business information anywhere, anytime

As long as you have an internet connection you can access your information. For good business results itis enough to meet minimum requirements for the connectivity:

  • For one user – 3G connectivity from mobile operator
  • For a small office (10 users) – DSL connectivity from a telecom
  • For medium office (up to 100 users) – LAN connectivity from a cable company
  • For many users – optical or other specialized high-speed Internet providers

Connectivity to the V-Office is a key element in ensuring quality of service. The number of simultaneous users, in turn, and the volume of traffic are crucial for establishing the parameters of the power connection required for seamless access to V-Office.

4. Guaranteed 99.95% + availability and accessibility of information needed for your business

V-Office service is designed with high level of reliability, ensuring 99.95% availability.

V-Office may be a more accessible and more reliable than a typical small business network because it is located on the servers of the virtualized data center – Datacenter Bulgaria, which in turn is based on own developments in the field of Cloud Computing technology.

All maintenance activities, upgrade and troubleshooting is planned and carried out during weekends or at night when employees have the least need of their workstations.

Before each scheduled maintenance of the V-Office Infrastructure the client is notified minimum of 48 hours in advance.

5. Mobility of employees with flexible working practices

V-Office is accessible from any computer with internet connection.
This means that you can get access to data and software when you are in Internet cafes, offices of your clients, from mobile, home and practically everywhere.

6. High level of security for critical business information

The centralized control over the access to information facilitates repeatedly its protection from unauthorized access.

The secured several times arrays for data storage gives benefits in terms of issues caused by hardware defects, etc.

7.The latest versions of software with license, per user annually

You will be always up to date with the latest versions and technologies. There will not purchase additional licenses in the future if one day you need it.

As you pay monthly for your current staff / users, it is very easy to change the number of accounts when necessary. Ultimately, this saves money.

Upgrades to your licenesed software are included in the monthly fee so you can decide when it will switch to newer version, and not to limit yourself because of the associated costs.

8. Single monthly fee for V-Office include the selection of over 150 configuration modules some of which are:

  • V-Office WebTop – secure, mobile and accessible virtual working environment
  • V-Office MailBox – e-mail with SPAM filters and virus protection
  • V-Office WebDisk – encrypted web-based disk space
  • V-Office IntraNet – the next level of information sharing in the office
  • V-Office BackUp – backup your important business information
  • V-Office SoftBox – centralized software library
  • All necessary licenses for consumer applications
  • All necessary licenses for server software


[tab name=”WebTop”]

V-Office WebTop

V-Office WebTop (based on WebTop 2.0) allows users to access the same desktop working places
from any computer connected to the Internet.

All data and programs reside in the V-Office servers and updated in real time and operate the remote server. With a proper connection to the remote desktop, it works in practice as a local desktop and in many cases faster than him.

V-Office WebTop includes full Office suite installation for each user with the following model parameters:

  • Accessible from any computer connected to the Internet from anywhere in the world and at any time
  • Online storage for documents and data (per user)
  • Online storage for email (per user)
  • Backup storage (per user)
  • Online share¬† folder with other users (per user)
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly archive
  • Text editors
  • Presentation software
  • Software for working with spreadsheets
  • Image handlers
  • Programs for working with PDF type of files
  • Web-based clients for accessing the OS or power resources on the local computer terminal independently.
  • Providing flexible work environment for mobile, home or temporary contractors.
  • Functionality for working continuity
  • Fixed monthly costs for IT, so there will be no unexpected bills
  • 24×7 Technical Support – by phone, e-mail or online.
  • Functionality for easy change of staff numbers / consumers
  • All data are securely protected and easily managed for disaster recovery and reliefs


[tab name=”MailBox”]

V-Office MailBox

V-Office MailBox is a solution for e-mail for organizations that need more than the regular mailboxes for their staff.

By using the V-Office MailBox, the employees are able to use the opportunities for collaborations inherent in the MS Exchange server.

By using the V-Office MailBox, the employees have access to email, calendar, tasks and notes via mail clients like Outlook 2007, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Pegasus Mail, Eudora, connecting through mobile devices as well as all browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc..

The functions for collaboration and joint work of V-Office MailBox enable staff to share and view calendars, delegate tasks and schedule resources (eg: meeting rooms or vehicles). Once you start using these features, you’ll never want to go back.

V-Office MailBox is ideal for small and medium-sized organizations that already have IT infrastructure, but do not have own secured mail server.


[tab name=”WebDisk”]

V-Office WebDisk

The V-Office WebDisk Module is a protected area for storing data that can be used seamlessly in various operating systems
and client applications. Thus, users receive an extremely flexible access to information.


[tab name=”IntraNet”]

V-Office IntraNet

The centralization of data communication and collaboration with employees is a constant challenge for all organizations. Many companies have implemented Intranet solutions to address these challenges.

V-Office IntraNet is easy to use, flexible web based solution for corporate intranet.

Some examples of useful modules are:

  • Document libraries – easy retrieval and tracking of company information
  • Messages and announcements – easy communication to all employees
  • Events Calendar – keeping those in a easily visible and organized space
  • Contact lists – centralization saves staff time
  • Research – Quick Reference, sampling and filtering of information

V-Office IntraNet can be used for managing work groups, project teams and directors, etc. There may be specific portals tailored to their needs.


[tab name=”BackUp”]

V-Office BackUp

V-Office BackUp provides continuous automatic online backups for all critical business data at the time it is on your servers, workstations and laptops.

V-Office BackUp provides the following benefits to you:

  • Reliable and secure backup “outside the site of action”
  • Rapid recovery of critical data when needed
  • Cost-effectiveness – the fee costs are only added on the volume of data that is archived


[tab name=”SoftBox”]

V-Office SoftBox

V-Office SoftBox is cost-effective alternative for business users who do not want to keep critical applications and systems
on their own premises for various reasons.

Placing them in the centralized system V-Office SoftBox, is a way to remove many issues and efforts
by companies related to the integration, administration and maintenance of software used in them.

Some of the advantages of V-Office SoftBox systems include:

  • Fixed monthly fee
  • Cuts in expenditure of the company – using leading edge technology and innovation and optimization of the one it is currently used
  • High levels of sustainability – through continuous monitoring and surveillance of critical factors of the system
  • Reliability and availability – by providing guaranteed 24×7 connectivity with the support of leading suppliers in the industry
  • Maximum security – systems are located in a site with controlled access at any time
  • Staff Maintenance 24×7
  • Access via secure (encrypted) connection

V-Office gives you the freedom to do what you do best and focus on business while we take care of the IT infrastructure.