In the recent years, the virtualization has undergone considerable development not only in technological terms but also in marketing. Virtualization can be used in every area of business where the use of computers is essential. Our products are used mainly in the following areas:

Server consolidation

At present the workload used in conventional data centers servers do not exceed 5-15%. Our solutions allow migration of information and efficient use of servers in the order of 60-80% and even 100%. Thus we are able to realize exceptional savings from support without indicating the influence of quality of service, in any way.

Development and testing of applications

Virtualization allows the simultaneous use of several different operating systems. Under this approach, developers are able to test their products on various hardware and software platforms. In that way the productivity is increased and the time for introducing new products is significantly reduced.

Business Applications

Virtual machines are very widely used in business. They make it easy creating of working copies of the management processes, generation of huge data base volume, creating reports and inquiries from many different sources in the shortest time and so on. If a problem occurs, we guarantee up to 100% recovery of the information.

Virtual Workstations

The advantages of virtual workstation is that it does not rely on a specific computer. Once created, the virtual workstation can be used anywhere, anytime. Another advantage is the use of templates (Virtual Appliances), which can solve a range of tasks. Such approach is particularly good for users which use portable computers and modern devices for wireless communication.