Desktop Virtualization

Some time ago, many companies have implemented virtualization projects, mainly in connection with testing and development of servers in their data centers. But today more attention is paid to the virtualization of desktop machines.

Management of desktop machines still takes considerable time and financial resources of the companies. It is not surprising that reducing the cost of IT administration and maintenance are the main reasons for choosing virtual desktop machines.

The durability of such project and the security benefits, according to analysts also appear to be among the main reasons.

Here are some direct customer benefits in terms of our desktop virtualization:

  • Customers receive virtual workstations with limited access to system resources, which increases the security in terms of in-house information leak ;
  • Dramatically reduction of the costs for new equipment used for replacement of obsolete or defective one;
  • Increasing the efficiency and extension of the working condition of existing computer equipment;
  • Easy and fast administration saves time and money in maintaining the company’s IT infrastructure;
  • Increases productivity of employees in company
  • 24 hour support teams from us