Practical Benefits

Most often IT experts indicate the direct economic benefits when using our solutions based on virtualization – reducing the cost of hardware. However, there are many other that ca help reduction of the so-called total cost price.

The benefits are numerous. Here are some of them:

  • Reduction of the time required to provide needed resource for end users for a certain system
  • Increased mobility
  • Availability and security of the systems
  • Reduction of  the area which one data center needs to be build on
  • Easing of restrictions on the staff’s qualifications
  • Reduction of the maintenance costs
  • Reduction of the consumed electricity
  • Reduction of the time required to restore systems after failure, hardware defects or other negative incidents
  • Qualitative and quantitative increasing of systems’ scalability.

Ten reasons to use virtual machines:

  1. Saving hardware security in server consolidation.
  2. Ability to support older systems to ensure compatibility and important information storage.
  3. Ability to isolate potentially dangerous environment.
  4. Possibility to build different in structure and purpose hardware configurations.
  5. Virtual machines allow you to work with devices, that you do not have, but you would like to use.
  6. Multiple virtual machines can work together in a virtual network on one address.
  7. Virtual machines provide an excellent opportunity for staff training, without interruption of main duties.
  8. Virtual machines can repeatedly increase the mobility of your business.
  9. You can create virtual MAPI for each job, without additional investment (ex.: designer’s job, accountant’s job, etc.).
  10. Virtual machines are easy to manage, maintain and control.